60th Anniversary Celebration, Cal State East Bay

Tue Oct 17, 2017
Welcome to Cal State East Bay, I’m President Leroy Morishita. Have you been to campus lately? Just look around; this is a beautiful place.Did you know the university has been here for 60 years? Sixty years. Let that soak in for a minute.That’s 60 years of rich history. Sixty years of transformation and success.For decades, our alumni have left Cal State East Bay ready to start their careers — and 63 percent are the first in their families to graduate college. Many stay right here in the East Bay. You might even know some of them — they’re teachers, nurses, social workers, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs.They — and you — are this university’s legacy.It is Cal State East Bay’s 60th anniversary, and the entire Pioneer family is here to celebrate.Are you ready?We’re all Pioneers. We’re all one family — the Pioneer family.